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Hi. I’m Anshu. In my 20s , writer, curious, and excited to explore the world through my perspective and give the world something unique and exciting to know. I love to write and share my thought to all those who appreciate life in an artistic way. Welcome to my world.


Life can be boring sometimes, especially when you are stuck at home and the world is on pause. So I told myself: "Anshu, you love to talk about movies, poetry, paintings and all kind of art forms all the time, so open a blog and start writing to the world." So I did.

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Welcome to a unique corner of the internet where art, film, and life seamlessly converge. Our blog goes beyond conventional boundaries, delving into the captivating realm of visual storytelling. Dive into a world where brushstrokes breathe life into canvases, cinematic masterpieces ignite emotions, and the essence of existence unfolds. Through thought-provoking articles, captivating reviews, and intimate interviews, we invite you on a transformative journey that transcends entertainment. Uncover the profound connections between art, film, and the human experience, as we unravel the threads that bind them together. Step into our extraordinary tapestry and let your imagination soar.