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In the Shadows of Human Convenience

“What if I tell you I’m on a mission
To reveal all the destruction
Caused by humans for humans
Unveiling the secrets of emissions
Caused by humans for humans

What if I tell you I’m on a journey
To reveal the path of resilience
All the filthy dirt in the minds of humans
To make this species aware
With a purpose for taking birth
On this mother earth

What if I tell you I’m here to reveal
All the healing and to intervene
In mankind’s business
Labeling it as human convenience

What if I say I’ll also become a part of it eventually
Will you believe and be astonished?
Will you question and say, “Oh really?”
And will you expect me
To answer, “No” and reject your ideology?

And will you expose yourself or human psychology
To build and to destruct,
Will you make me subjugate
To believe and follow the same path and ideology
To construct?

Will you make me another victim
Causing this abrupt revelation of all that’s corrupt
Saying it’s for humans, by humans?”

— By Anshu